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Their darling bree
At least that's what they used to call me
So I've been filing out applications for healthcare jobs.  I feel like people should get a paycheck for simple enduring that crap.
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Wal-mart has the crappiest scheduling system.  Those idiots once again scheduled everyone off for the same day.   Lol, oh well :-))

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I have been working at Wal-Mart for the past four weeks as a overnight grocery stocker.  It's alright, not my dream job. It's just good for right now.  The best time about it is 1) the exercise and 2) the discount on fruit, veggies, and other stuff.  Downside though I miss all my favorite night shows and 8 hours straight of sleep.

I blow out a tire on my daddy's van yesterday.  I mean I run over curbs all the time, but this was my first flat.  In total it cost $75 to fix.  How coincidental that I should have money at the time.

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I'm all signed up for Summer classes.  In two months I will graduate, I'm so glad still is going to be over.  I have been in school for what feels like forever.  
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They're right it is a great song for this. 

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It's these two puzzle games on yahoo.  They are kicking my butt and there's no cheats online.  I'm not stupid,  I usually do pretty alright with logic games.  :-(



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